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Alt Data boosts speed at Tradebulls: Dhruv Desai

Alternate lending score has more weightage & accuracy than traditional credit agency score of customers says Dhruv Desai, Director at Tradebulls Securities (P) Ltd....

For NBFC Growth – Competition not an obstacle: Rakesh Makkar

Rakesh Makkar of Fullerton India says Aadhar based e-KYC has brought down the compliance challenges & increased the overall efficiency. He believes that the...

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Regulatory speed breakers could slow down adoption of cloud, AI, ML,...

The future for BFSI sector is in working on shared platforms, says Vittorio D’Orazio, Research Director at Gartner. Blockchain will provide the right infrastructure....

India’s GIFT city will be reinsurance hub: T.S. Vijayan

Insurance bill allowed reinsurance companies to operate in India. With the entry of global reinsurance companies, India’s GIFT city founded in Gujarat is set...

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Future is contactless cards : Deven Mehta

Deven Mehta has witnessed 1000% growth in smart card business in last 4 years. He believes, contactless cards will rule the future. He also...

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