How technology is transforming payments in India: Prasanna Lohar

Prasanna Lohar analyzes the payment scenario in India, from the perspective of technology and usability.

Accurate weather data helps loan waivers: Anuj Bhargav

Pairing weather data and tech tools can help plan accurately to improve output and mitigate risks. This can help BFSI sectors minimise loan weavers...

Technology integration drains banks’ IT budgets, BIAN to the rescue: Hans Tesselaar

BIAN aims to bring down integration cost in banking industry. Hans Tesselaar, Executive Director at BIAN, talks about models & APIs to lower the...

C-KYC will save cost and time for Finance Industry: Mridul Sharma

With C-KYC Financial Industry can save cost and time on operations. Big Data & AI has already resolved building blocks says, Mridul Sharma from...

Fintech rush in Sri Lanka; competing with banks for innovation: Dilshan Rodrigo

There is an oligopoly structure in banking sector in Sri Lanka with 8 banks having market share of 85%. But now there is competition...

What sandboxes India should have: Vinod Kini

Vinod Kini highlights key regulatory challenges for Fintech. He describes what sandboxes should cover and he points out weakness of Fintechs?

Regulatory challenges and compliance issues for Data?

Soon data will be regulated more stringently. Industry watchers believe that regulators around the globe are framing rules to prevent misuse of data. USA...

IBC – The end road for defaulters: Jyoti Singh

Jyoti Singh, Insolvency and Disputes Partner at Phoenix Legal, says that SICA and SARFAESI couldn’t take off due to various constraints like the pre-liberalization...
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