World looking at Blockchain and global collaboration to counter financial crime: Andrew Davies

High value payments have a tendency to be caught in the web of financial crimes. Andrew Davies from Fiserv believes that the nature of...

Future is contactless cards : Deven Mehta

Deven Mehta has witnessed 1000% growth in smart card business in last 4 years. He believes, contactless cards will rule the future. He also...

Regulatory speed breakers could slow down adoption of cloud, AI, ML, etc: Vittorio D’Orazio

The future for BFSI sector is in working on shared platforms, says Vittorio D’Orazio, Research Director at Gartner. Blockchain will provide the right infrastructure....

Fast innovation at Hyperscalers attracts BFSI companies: Santhosh Rao

Hyperscaler have the ability to accelerate business growth of BFSI enterprises, says Gartner’s Santhosh Rao. Rao asserts that banks are not moving their core...

Tech Transformation: Hard to be efficient and innovative at same time, says Gartner

Firms need to leverage core data centers and infrastructure with new technology and applications, says Philip Dawson, VP Research at Gartner. Adopting new things...

India’s financial sector set to excel after crossing pain points: Rashesh Shah

Indian economy should aim to achieve $5 trillion in an efficient manner, says, Rashesh Shah, Chairman & CEO at Edelweiss. He believes that financial...

Large global banks aggressively adopting ML to change economics of biz: Mike Walker

Machine learning is a part of overall AI band of technology says, Mike Walker, Research Director at Gartner. He believes adopting machine learning algorithms...

ISME ACE partners fintechs that won’t burn too much cash: Gaurav Tiwari

ISME ACE is creating an ecosystem to help fintech startups grow and generate returns says, Gaurav Tiwari, CIO at ISME ACE. How many applications...

Business expands even as AMC count shrinks: Amit Gupta

Low penetration creates big opportunity for AMCs In India, says Amit Gupta, who heads SBI Mutual Fund. Post demonetization he has witnessed an enormous...

BFSI should stop bugging customers: Erick Brethenoux

The outcomes of data science techniques such as analytics and machine learning should be self-explanatory in nature, says, Erick Brethenoux, Research Director at Gartner....
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