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NBFCs fill lending vacuum; seek alternate sources of funds: Mahesh Thakkar

NBFC sector witnessed a slow growth in recent times, much of it is relating to the IL&FS saga. There’s a fundamental difference in the...

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GDPR brings data from wild west under control : Manjunath Bhat

AWS media 19_05_2018_manjunath_bhat_encrypt/150518_MANJUNATHBHAT_GARTNER_FINTECH_01/encoded-07-08-29-sat-may-2018/encoded-07-08-29-sat-may-2018.m3u8 will be displayed here... GDPR is a privacy regulation for European Union residents, says, Manjunath Bhat, Research Director at Gartner. Once GDPR...

PDP Bill goes far beyond checklist compliance: N. S. Nappinai

GDPR is a benchmark in data protection legislation. Banks should evaluate their positions under GDPR as the Indian PDP bill is heavily drawn from...

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Stark future: 95 out of 100 lenders to vanish 5 years: Sharad Sharma

AWS media 240518_SharadSharma02_Encrypt/190518_SHARADSH_ISPIRT_FINTECH_P02/encoded-04-38-47-thu-may-2018/encoded-04-38-47-thu-may-2018.m3u8 will be displayed here... Valuable companies are created when unsolved problems are solved through new infrastructure capabilities, says, Sharad Sharama, Co-founder &...

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