Aspiring to be the MF king in rural & semi-urban markets: Ashutosh Bishnoi

Mahindra AMC aspires to be the largest AMC by serving the unserved and underserved says, Ashutosh Bishnoi, MD & CEO at Mahindra AMC. Distribution,...

Perfection of AI to revolutionize broking industry: Gagan Singla

In the broking industry, customer acquisition cost is high which will come down as technology evolves, says Gagan Singla, CMO at Angel Broking. AI...

Business & job opportunities emerging in financial distribution: Ashutosh Bishnoi

Post demonetization, assets like gold and real estate lost attractiveness, says, Ashutosh Bishnoi, MD & CEO at Mahindra AMC. AMFI’s campaign on ‘Mutual Fund...

Millennials seek secondary income, AI taps that opportunity: Gagan Singla

Angel Bee is targeted towards Millennials who wish to generate secondary income, says, Gagan Singla, CMO at Angel Broking. The application called Angel Bee...

Suryoday SFB adopts digital technologies to deliver doorstep services & customer dignity: Baskar Babu

India is an underpenetrated country when it comes to financial services, says, Baskar Babu, MD & CEO at Suryoday SFB. 40% of population in...

Putting skin in the game grows ARC business : Siby Antony

ARCs lacked skin in the game till 2014, says, Siby Antony, CMD, Edelweiss Asset Reconstruction Company. Banks should sell NPAs to ARCs at the...

Local savings to drive India’s economic growth: Sanjay Nayar

Deficits pre-empts savings, says, Sanjay Nayar, Member and CEO at KKR India. He believes domestic savings should be mobilized through asset managements, equity linked...

India’s financial sector set to excel after crossing pain points: Rashesh Shah

Indian economy should aim to achieve $5 trillion in an efficient manner, says, Rashesh Shah, Chairman & CEO at Edelweiss. He believes that financial...

India’s Challenge: Channelize Savings into Entrepreneurship: Raamdeo Agrawal

India’s domestic savings have outstripped foreign savings in Indian markets, says, Raamdeo Agrawal, Chairman at Motilal Oswal Asset Management. He believes that Indian domestic...

Capital infusion can boost Indian GDP to $5 trillion by 2024: Rana Kapoor

Indian economy will boom till 2030, says, Rana Kapoor, MD & CEO at Yes Bank. The economy is on the right track to achieve...

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