Rethinking infrastructure the one way : Vishwanath Ramaswamy

Data is the new oil and regulators around world see this as their priority. Across the world, many are asking the Financial Services Industry...

Reigning the data daemon : Tarun Chopra

Tarun Chopra, Director, Product Management at IBM shares his views about data protection, globally. He stressed upon lack of encryption of data in corporate...

How Fintechs should protect themselves from failure: K.R.C. Murty

AWS media encrypted-video/Interview_Moorthy_Amol_Final_Upload/encoded-04-39-30-mon-jun-2017/encoded-04-39-30-mon-jun-2017.m3u8 will be displayed here... K.R.C. Murty shares guidelines for FinTechs to avoid shutdown. He also delves into the FinTech partnership model at...

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