Blockchain and Machine Learning key to transforming financial services: Mike Walker

Blockchain holds potential beyond cryptocurrency and is seen as a medium of trustworthy communication, says Mike Walker, Research Director at Gartner. Machine Learning is...

Yes Bank confident on Blockchain; targets onboarding 100 customers: Rajendra Mhalsekar

Yes Bank targets 100 customers on Blockchain in one year, says Rajendra Mhalsekar, President – Corporate Banking Solutions at YES Bank. Blockchain is not only a...

Organized crime too watching blockchain for committing financial crime: Andrew Davies

AWS media 301117_ANDREW_FISERV_FINTECH/encoded-07-29-28-thu-nov-2017/encoded-07-29-28-thu-nov-2017.m3u8 will be displayed here... Blockchain has dual identity that is it can be used to prevent Financial crimes & can be used...

SBI leads BankChain effort to bring blockchain to banking: Mrutyunjay Mahapatra

AWS media 23-nov-encrypted/Mrityunjay_-Mahapatra_02_Blockchain_Final_interview_24112017/encoded-04-21-28-fri-nov-2017/encoded-04-21-28-fri-nov-2017.m3u8 will be displayed here... Mrutyunjay Mahapatra, DMD & CIO at SBI, says they are trying to setup Blockchain consortium in India. On...

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