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FinBizness is ready to Take Off

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Future is contactless cards : Deven Mehta

AWS media new-encrypted_video/01_PerspectivZ_Deven_Mehta_Amol_Upload_Final/encoded-07-03-38-fri-aug-2017/encoded-07-03-38-fri-aug-2017.m3u8 will be displayed here... Deven Mehta has witnessed 1000% growth in smart card business in last 4 years. He believes, contactless cards...

NPCI’s aim to achieve 25 bln transactions this FY: Ram Rastogi

AWS media new-encrypted_video/05_ConversationZ_Ram_Rastogi_Amol_Upload_Final_New/encoded-07-05-02-fri-aug-2017/encoded-07-05-02-fri-aug-2017.m3u8 will be displayed here... NPCI aims to achieve 25 bln digital transactions by 2017-18, banking on Bhim, Aadhaar, UPI and customer education.

Demystifying Digital India in a cashless journey: Abhishant Pant’s

AWS media encrypted-video/03_FintalkZ_Abishant_Pant_Upload_Final/encoded-11-13-59-mon-jul-2017/encoded-11-13-59-mon-jul-2017.m3u8 will be displayed here... Abhishant Pant’s cashless journey in Singapore & India demystify realistic picture of the payment environment.

Accurate weather data reduces BFSI risk and benefit farmers: Himanshu

AWS media encrypted-video/06_ConversationZ_Himanshu_Babu_Upload_Final/encoded-10-47-19-mon-jul-2017/encoded-10-47-19-mon-jul-2017.m3u8 will be displayed here... Weather is the key area for growth in the financial industry. Accurate weather data helps banks and insurers...

Challenges in recon settlement and desired solutions: Rajnish Khare

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