Fintech convergence can cut across industries and be the unified voice: Naveen Surya

Convergence is for integrating and bringing all BFSI player on a single platform. The goal is to identify common problems and raise a uniformed...

Accrivis Insights

At Accrivis, we are strategizing cash management for banks, e-commerce on blockchain network says, Jignesh Vasani. The whole idea behind setting up Accrivis Network...

Changes needed in organizations to enable effective use of big data.

Organizations need to employ citizen integrators, developers and data scientists to enable and use data effectively. Organizations must have high quality and well governed...

Global blockchain companies could threaten Indian Fintechs’ rise: Sanjay Mehta

Investment in the companies where large alphas can be created says, Sanjay Mehta, Angel Investor. He invests after seeing a validated product and has...

Mastercard’s strategy: Higher interoperability & Lesser confusion: Vikas Saraogi

Tokenization ensures secured transaction says Vikas Saraogi, Senior Director & Head Acceptance, South Asia at Mastercard. He also says that Mastercard believes in payments...

Cloud impact in digital transformation : Naveen Mishra

Cloud and digital transformation started off as separate activities. Now they are experiencing a joining of hands in the BFSI sector. Gartner’s Naveen Mishra shares insights...

With 40% growth in payment gateways, RBI ponders concentration risk: Jitendra Gupta

The whole payment ecosystem has been getting a push from government support & private players. There’s enough scope for new player to enter and...

No credit score – no problem – use your telco score : Daniel Vaverka

AWS media 11072019_Daniel_Vaverka_encrypt/11072019_Daniel_Vaverka_Trusting_People_Fintech/encoded-1562818032/encoded-1562818032.m3u8 will be displayed here... Lending is a big business and still has a huge market to explore in India as 80% of...

Cashcow brings a new model for distributing banking products: Gaurav Goyal

Cashcow is a bridge between financial advisors and customers wanting to purchase financial products says, Gaurav Goyal, Co-Founder at Cashcow. Cashcow is a platform,...

Space – the new Fintech Frontier: James Prior

NewSpace is a recent development industry in space technology. It will bring help in financial services with better communication and timely transactions says, James...

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