Fintechs focused on product development, await ecosystem evolution to achieve scale: Sandesh Hegde

Fintechs are valued on different parameters like their stage, segment and primarily on multiples of gross revenue. Higher the chances of Fintechs to scale...

Mobile can boost bank employee productivity: Pramod Sharda

Empowering internal workforce by equipping them with tech driven solution increases productivity says Pramod Sharda, CEO at IceWarp India. He also believes that communication...

Cloud impact in digital transformation : Naveen Mishra

Cloud and digital transformation started off as separate activities. Now they are experiencing a joining of hands in the BFSI sector. Gartner’s Naveen Mishra shares insights...

Accrivis Insights

At Accrivis, we are strategizing cash management for banks, e-commerce on blockchain network says, Jignesh Vasani. The whole idea behind setting up Accrivis Network...

Focus should be on business not making payments, it can happen automatically: Charless

Versify, Chennai based FinTech offering 3600 solutions for payments. The founder and CEO, Charles Raj believes that payments should happen automatically and people should focus...

Cashcow brings a new model for distributing banking products: Gaurav Goyal

Cashcow is a bridge between financial advisors and customers wanting to purchase financial products says, Gaurav Goyal, Co-Founder at Cashcow. Cashcow is a platform,...

Will ADM change traditional investment habits? : Smitha Sudheendra

Robotic advisory in MF will help customers browse multiple schemes across AMCs on one single platform. The platform will churn data from multiple schemes...

CDOs should develop data driven thinking & competency for business (model) transformation: Michael Rollings

Financial firms should have chief data officer for data analytics and monetizing the investments. Michael Rollings, VP, Data & Analytics at Gartner, says it’s...

Next Gen Analytics tunes into visual and natural language: Rita Sallam

Augmented Analytics is a visual mode of analysis provides quick results. The most important factor of augmented analytics is all the users are on the same page while...

Space – the new Fintech Frontier: James Prior

NewSpace is a recent development industry in space technology. It will bring help in financial services with better communication and timely transactions says, James...

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