What is the impact of AI (on BFSI?)

AI through machine learning is the next big change. AI will change the game at many levels. Analysts says that AI is already being...

Security measures needed for data to avoid risk?

Analysts from around the globe warn organizations that, Data security is very crucial. Lack of central data governance will lead to loopholes. Data given...

Pros and cons of data ownership and source of data?

Data ownership leads to privacy issues. Organizations must have a framework for handling misuse of data. It’s difficult to seggregate personal and non-personal data. Data...

Mistakes that companies make while adopting big data?

Many organizations still have data in the form of physical assets. Experts say that organizations should not avoid data warehousing. In fact, they should complement...

Changes needed in organizations to enable effective use of big data.

Organizations need to employ citizen integrators, developers and data scientists to enable and use data effectively. Organizations must have high quality and well governed...

Major risks while implementing big data?

Biggest risk while implementing data is misuse of personal data. Analysts advise that abusing personal data will have an impact on company brand as...

How Big Data & Analytics transforming BFSI sector…

Global analysts believe that Big Data is the major transformation for BFSI. Data can generate value to business because data provides insights that help take...

How technology is transforming payments in India: Prasanna Lohar

Prasanna Lohar analyzes the payment scenario in India, from the perspective of technology and usability.

NPCI’s aim to achieve 25 bln transactions this FY: Ram Rastogi

NPCI aims to achieve 25 bln digital transactions by 2017-18, banking on Bhim, Aadhaar, UPI and customer education.

Reskilling a big challenge for Indian Finance Industry: Ninad Karpe

Indian financial system faces rising skills challenge. Industry Veteran, Ninad Karpe outlines the key issues.

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