Fintechs turn lenders as VCs lose interest in payments: Paarul Dudeja

Accion is investing in fintechs and insurtechs having a financial inclusion angle says, Paarul Dudeja from Accion, as the objective is double bottom line...

2020 will be a tipping point for digital banks: Julie Lake

Europe has all kinds of fintechs operating & scaling across financial services. Digital banks in UK are scaling and exploring global markets says, Julie...

With 40% growth in payment gateways, RBI ponders concentration risk: Jitendra Gupta

The whole payment ecosystem has been getting a push from government support & private players. There’s enough scope for new player to enter and...

Quona Capital prefers transformative entrepreneurs over revolutionary one: Ganesh Rengaswamy

Indian fintech ecosystem is the most promising ecosystem due to its diversified & impact creating fintechs. India is the most thriving portfolio for us...

Accrivis Insights

At Accrivis, we are strategizing cash management for banks, e-commerce on blockchain network says, Jignesh Vasani. The whole idea behind setting up Accrivis Network...

P2P lending hunts for growth formula: Rajesh Gupta

Indian P2P market is at a nascent stage. October 2017 guidelines on P2P sector is a timely regulation, unlike the fallout in China due...

Fintechs – The picture is not so rosy for many: Monish Shah

Innovations which bring insights & decisions from data will be sustainable in the long run says, Monish Shah from Deloitte India. He believes, that...

Banks at the forefront of adopting RPA, hold back on core processes: Murli Mohan

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates manual, repetitive & standardized processes says, Murli Mohan from UiPath. How are financial institutions adopting RPA? What are the...

Early detection & response key best defense against ruthless hackers: Raviraj Doshi

Security is an ever-evolving landscape. Banks need to put equal amount of efforts on detection and response as compared to prevention & protection, believes...

MSS on growth path despite lower clarity among FIs: Rishikesh Kamat

Banks find it tough to adopt MSS (Managed Security Services) due to legacy tech but FIs like insurance and stock brokers adhering to new...

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