MSS on growth path despite lower clarity among FIs: Rishikesh Kamat

Banks find it tough to adopt MSS (Managed Security Services) due to legacy tech but FIs like insurance and stock brokers adhering to new...

i2iFunding targets unreachable borrowers; promises tough competition to banks & FIs: Manisha Bansal

Most of the P2P lenders have developed in-house technology to evaluate the borrowers are a credit risk. The current size of the p2p lending...

Data Center – now in a baby size package: Manish Gokhale

Micro Data Centers could soon be the new entrant in the data center segment. MDCs are easy to deploy in the least possible time...

Fintech convergence can cut across industries and be the unified voice: Naveen Surya

Convergence is for integrating and bringing all BFSI player on a single platform. The goal is to identify common problems and raise a uniformed...

Innovators find a new valley in Switzerland: Ian Simpson

Crypto Valley is encouraging fintech startups exploring blockchain and cryptocurrency. Swiss Regulator FINMA is constantly engaging with ecosystem and has issued guidelines for token...

CIT Operators: Rural India to boost topline, cost control to boost bottomline: Manosh Bhattacharya

Cash in economy is back to pre-demonetization level but still India is at a better position compared to developed nations. Our aim and objective...

Fintechs: Banks’ open doors may start closing : Sachin Seth

Fintechs offering real solution and supporting value chain will survive. Sachin Seth from EY expects around 50 mature Fintechs across financial services to scale...

Renminbi slowly increasing its share in world trade market: Joshua Cohen

Multi-faceted changes being seen in cash management business, from technological changes to changes in expectations. Interest rates and idle cash with corporates will determine...

Space – the new Fintech Frontier: James Prior

NewSpace is a recent development industry in space technology. It will bring help in financial services with better communication and timely transactions says, James...

Will ADM change traditional investment habits? : Smitha Sudheendra

Robotic advisory in MF will help customers browse multiple schemes across AMCs on one single platform. The platform will churn data from multiple schemes...

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