Transparency Boosts Business : Amit Kothari

AWS media 05092019_Amit_Kothari_Encrypt/030919_AMIT_KOTHARI_KUBIS_CAPITAL_NBFC_FINAL/encoded-1567668895/encoded-1567668895.m3u8 will be displayed here... Trust is the fundamental part of any business and extreme transparency is one way of expressing it. Amit...

Security The Business Accelerator : Shiju Rawther

AWS media 21082019_Shiju Rawther_Encrypt/210818_Shiju-_Rawther_IIFL_NBFC/encoded-1566370715/encoded-1566370715.m3u8 will be displayed here... Shiju Rawther, Executive Vice President – Technology, IIFL, delves into what customers expect from security perspective. He...

Boosting efficiency with Experience : Deo Shankar Tripathi

AWS media 19072019_DEO_SHANKAR_Part_2_encrypt/19072019_DEO_SHANKAR_AFHL_NBFC_PART02/encoded-1563512064/encoded-1563512064.m3u8 will be displayed here... Deo Shankar Tripathi, MD & CEO of Aadhar Housing Finance, has a goal of digitally transforming Aadhar Housing...

Building future ready infrastructure : Salil Nair

AWS media 160719_SALIL_NAIR_encrypt/160719_SALIL_NAIR_NORTHEN_ARC_NBFC/encoded-1563262026/encoded-1563262026.m3u8 will be displayed here... Salil Nair, CIO of Northern Arc, has chosen virtual machine as a service rather than cloud or web...

Unlocking Opportunities in Microfinance : Dr. Bhagwan Chowdhry

Microfinance in India is yet to unlock its full potential. Bhagwan Chowdhry the Research Professor from UCLA Anderson Business school and Professor of Finance...

Blending Transformation with fundamental concepts : Amit Ghodekar

The capital markets have been the biggest and fastest adopters of modern technology and digital transformation. Amit Ghodekar explains the key elements of the...

Throttling towards 40% growth : Aadhar Housing Finance – Deo Shankar Tripathi

Aadhar Housing Finance is maintaining its pace after the slowdown in the industry, says Deo Shankar Tripathi, its MD & CEO. See how he...

APEDA adopts tech to improve traceability across produce : Dr. Sudhanshu

Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) is an export promotion body for agricultural produce adopting emerging technology to improve the quality...

LenDenClub connects salaried employees with HNI and retail investors: Bhavin Patel

P2P NBFC lenders won’t compete with each other but with banks & NBFCs says, Bhavin Patel, CEO & Co-Founder at LenDenClub. Patel believes, P2P...

Open loop blockchain to expand accounts receivables business: Aseem Bhardwaj

Manappuram Finance Ltd. has setup a new vertical for corporate finance. Aseem Bhardwaj, CEO for Corporate Finance, says, they are tapping the corporates and...

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