IDBI Federal betting on 3 emerging technologies to draw customers: Lalitha Bhatia

Life insurance policies are issued in 5 days and claims are processed in 8 days. IDBI Federal Life insurance achieved this turnaround post digitalization....

Insurance can’t be 100% digital and give Amazon-like experience: Trevor Bull

The positive economic environment in India is good for the insurance industry says, Trevor Bull, MD & CEO at Aviva Life Insurance. Insurers have...

GDPR brings data from wild west under control : Manjunath Bhat

GDPR is a privacy regulation for European Union residents, says, Manjunath Bhat, Research Director at Gartner. Once GDPR comes into force organizations can’t share...

Open API promise yet to deliver satisfactory results to banks: Mark O’Neill

Open APIs are at the top of hype cycle with banks counting on it, says Mark O’Neill, Research Director at Gartner. Some regulators in...

Stark future: 95 out of 100 lenders to vanish 5 years: Sharad Sharma

Valuable companies are created when unsolved problems are solved through new infrastructure capabilities, says, Sharad Sharama, Co-founder & Governing Council Member at iSPIRT. What...

Fintechs focused on product development, await ecosystem evolution to achieve scale: Sandesh Hegde

Fintechs are valued on different parameters like their stage, segment and primarily on multiples of gross revenue. Higher the chances of Fintechs to scale...

A new source of funding for online sellers: Manish Lunia

Flexiloans happened due to inefficiencies of banks and NBFCs to cater to trader community  says, Manish Lunia, Co-Founder at Flexiloans. The company leverages data...

Focus should be on business not making payments, it can happen automatically: Charless

Versify, Chennai based FinTech offering 3600 solutions for payments. The founder and CEO, Charles Raj believes that payments should happen automatically and people should focus...

Japan’s DTS Corp expands globally, partners with Nelito in India : Shinichi Komiyama

DTS Corp is well established in Japan and has its subsidiaries in different locations & they aim to expand globally. Shinichi Komiyama, Executive officer...

Pros and cons of data ownership and source of data?

Data ownership leads to privacy issues. Organizations must have a framework for handling misuse of data. It’s difficult to seggregate personal and non-personal data. Data...
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