Mis-selling a hurdle even as surveillance tech improves: Rohit Chabbria

Adopting finest CCTV camera is half work done. It is equally important to ensure that the surveillance systems are up and running properly says,...

Japan’s DTS Corp expands globally, partners with Nelito in India : Shinichi Komiyama

AWS media 200418_ShinichiAjay_Encrypt/190418_ShinichiK_DTS_FINTECH/encoded-06-32-00-fri-apr-2018/encoded-06-32-00-fri-apr-2018.m3u8 will be displayed here... DTS Corp is well established in Japan and has its subsidiaries in different locations & they aim to...

Digitalization paramount for NBFCs to thrive: Sandeep Ranjan

AWS media 5OctoberEncrypted/02_Sandeep-Rajan_Interview_Final/encoded-08-24-21-fri-oct-2017/encoded-08-24-21-fri-oct-2017.m3u8 will be displayed here... Sandeep Ranjan believes that digitalization is crucial for NBFCs to acquire new customers, process loans, do credit checks....

SWIFT responds to payment challenges with an innovation platform: Michael Moon

AWS media 26-Sept-Encrypted/Michael_Moon-Interview/encoded-11-17-14-fri-nov-2017/encoded-11-17-14-fri-nov-2017.m3u8 will be displayed here... Customers demand of transparent fees, faster payments & tracking of payments has led to the innovation of SWIFT...

Rethinking infrastructure the one way : Vishwanath Ramaswamy

AWS media 27012020_Vishwanath_Ramaswamy_Encrypt/29112019_Viswanath-Ramaswamy_IBM/encoded-1580129877/encoded-1580129877.m3u8 will be displayed here... Data is the new oil and regulators around world see this as their priority. Across the world, many...

Reputation Risk impacts deeper than Technology : Milind Kale

AWS media 13112019_Milind_Kale_Encrypt/07112019_MILIND_KALE_COSMOSBANK_BANKING/encoded-1573639192/encoded-1573639192.m3u8 will be displayed here... Pune-based Cosmos Cooperative Bank was hit by a cyber-attack in which miscreants allegedly hacked the ATM server of...

Sector specific co-working spaces is the new trend: Gokul Das

AWS media 27_04_2018_gokuldas_encrypt/260418_GOKULDAS_THEMOSAIC/encoded-04-24-19-fri-apr-2018/encoded-04-24-19-fri-apr-2018.m3u8 will be displayed here... As numbers of startups are emerging co-working space culture is also getting into the picture. Mosaic is the...

AI & Blockchain helps minimize risk, drive business decisions: Sankar Krishnan

AWS media 30-October-Encrypted/Sankar_Krishnan_Final_interview_06112017/encoded-11-02-31-mon-nov-2017/encoded-11-02-31-mon-nov-2017.m3u8 will be displayed here... Despite being late adopters of AI (Artificial Intelligence), banks can utilize it to improve their service & manage...
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