What is the impact of AI (on BFSI?)

AI through machine learning is the next big change. AI will change the game at many levels. Analysts says that AI is already being...

Agri business can boost bank profitability & double farmer income: Manoj Rawat

Priority sector lending is integral to the growth of rural economy. Manoj Rawat, MD & CEO at ValueFin, says, banks should focus on enabling...

Demystifying Digital India in a cashless journey: Abhishant Pant’s

Abhishant Pant’s cashless journey in Singapore & India demystify realistic picture of the payment environment.

Challenge for banks: Translate innovations into revenue, Monetize collaboration with Fintechs: Akshaya Kapoor

A lot is being discussed about innovations like Blockchain, Hyperledger, Open APIs, etc. where it is important for banks to monetize these innovations. Akshaya...

New Govt policy aims to expand e-payments with zero charges: Ajay Kumar Ajay Kumar from Ministry of Electronics and Technology makes it very clear that customers should not pay any fees on digital transactions. He emphasizes...

Mastercard’s strategy: Higher interoperability & Lesser confusion: Vikas Saraogi

Tokenization ensures secured transaction says Vikas Saraogi, Senior Director & Head Acceptance, South Asia at Mastercard. He also says that Mastercard believes in payments...

Digital money transfer rises, physical cash persists: Bhavik Vasa

EbixCash focuses on ‘Phygital’ to build platforms for remittances. EbixCash is already a leading player for domestic money transfer in India. Now it is...

Crop is the new growth engine for Gen Insurance: K.G.K.Rao

Along with Health and Motor, Crop insurance is the new growth engine for General Insurance Industry. General Insurance industry adopting technology to customize products...

Challenges in recon settlement and desired solutions: Rajnish Khare

Growing volume and complexity of transactions is creating challenges in Recon. Kundan (technologist) and Rajnish (banker) discuss the challenges and the desired solutions.
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