Major risks while implementing big data?

Biggest risk while implementing data is misuse of personal data. Analysts advise that abusing personal data will have an impact on company brand as...

After payments, Fintechs aim to disrupt SME lending: Kunal Patel

Fintech advisor Kunal Patel says Fintechs are focusing on key areas like payments and lending. Payments business has become overcrowded and will be difficult...


Large global banks aggressively adopting ML to change economics of biz: Mike Walker

Machine learning is a part of overall AI band of technology says, Mike Walker, Research Director at Gartner. He believes adopting machine learning algorithms...

World looking at Blockchain and global collaboration to counter financial crime: Andrew Davies

High value payments have a tendency to be caught in the web of financial crimes. Andrew Davies from Fiserv believes that the nature of...

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