O2O model to achieve high scale in lending: Manav Jeet

New age lenders are lending to unsecured businesses by leveraging data and technology says, Manav Jeet, MD & CEO at Rubique. He believes, majority...

Max 25 Fintechs possible in SME lending space, consolidation will happen: Piyush Khaitan

There is a huge paradox in SME lending in India observes Piyush Khaitan, indicating that even as there is a vast underserved market, lending...

API will change the face of Banking Industry: Sameer Singh Jaini

Why FinTechs need to collaborate with Banks? Why is there need to replace multiple apps with single platform. And how API will transform the...

Regulatory challenges and compliance issues for Data?

Soon data will be regulated more stringently. Industry watchers believe that regulators around the globe are framing rules to prevent misuse of data. USA...

Alt Data boosts speed at Tradebulls: Dhruv Desai

Alternate lending score has more weightage & accuracy than traditional credit agency score of customers says Dhruv Desai, Director at Tradebulls Securities (P) Ltd....

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