Blockchain challenges are not ordinary – finding biz opportunities, consensus, governance: Eileen Lowry

Blockchain adoption depends on business use cases says, Eileen Lowry from IBM Blockchain Garage. In the early days banks had a tough time to...

Cream for banks, leftovers for Fintechs?: Sanjay Mehta

Fintechs are still dependent upon the banks for customers and customer data, says angel investor Sanjay Mehta. He asserts that banks are in a...

Channeling innovation through the regulator: Ryan Kyung Koo Lee

JB Financial is partnering with fintechs like never before. They are working with 13 fintechs and have opened nearly 37 APIs to fintechs. Ryan...

Finnoviti 2019 : CEO Panel SESSION-Frontiers in Transformation

Competition changes business landscape and with it brings in newer business possibilities. An engaging session with CEOs on Frontiers in Transformation with select CEOs...
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