AICI to tap blockchain & analytics to reach beyond 35mn farmers: Avinanda Ghosh

AWS media 070318_Jagdish_Encrypt /060318_AvinandaG_AICI_INSURANCE/encoded-04-37-08-thu-mar-2018/encoded-04-37-08-thu-mar-2018.m3u8 will be displayed here... Current penetration of crop insurance amongst Indian farmers are at good level says, Avinanda Ghosh from Agriculture...

Rethinking infrastructure the one way : Vishwanath Ramaswamy

AWS media 27012020_Vishwanath_Ramaswamy_Encrypt/29112019_Viswanath-Ramaswamy_IBM/encoded-1580129877/encoded-1580129877.m3u8 will be displayed here... Data is the new oil and regulators around world see this as their priority. Across the world, many...

Hackers creating new ways to steal: Venugopal Iyengar

AWS media 200918_VenuGopalIyengar_Encrypt/120918_VENUGOPAL_IY_IOTM_FINTECH/encoded-06-16-45-thu-sep-2018/encoded-06-16-45-thu-sep-2018.m3u8 will be displayed here... Strategic hackers study, plan & hack, usually they look for high volume transactions in a single shot says,...
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