Mastercard’s strategy: Higher interoperability & Lesser confusion: Vikas Saraogi

Tokenization ensures secured transaction says Vikas Saraogi, Senior Director & Head Acceptance, South Asia at Mastercard. He also says that Mastercard believes in payments...

Blockchain and Machine Learning key to transforming financial services: Mike Walker

Blockchain holds potential beyond cryptocurrency and is seen as a medium of trustworthy communication, says Mike Walker, Research Director at Gartner. Machine Learning is...

Psychometric tests aid lending decisions amid data scarcity : Mukund Venkatesh

Obtaining authentic data of the customers is tough, and hence most Fintechs are using alternative data, such as phone contacts and financial statements for lending decisions....

Triple Whammy – Cyber-crime, Cryptocurrency & Regulatory Lag: Ralph Echemendia

It is difficult to stop attacks, better prevention practices can minimize the impact says, Ralph Echemendia, CEO at SEGURU. Ralph, an ethical hacker, shares...

What sandboxes India should have: Vinod Kini

Vinod Kini highlights key regulatory challenges for Fintech. He describes what sandboxes should cover and he points out weakness of Fintechs?

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