Cashcow brings a new model for distributing banking products: Gaurav Goyal

Cashcow is a bridge between financial advisors and customers wanting to purchase financial products says, Gaurav Goyal, Co-Founder at Cashcow. Cashcow is a platform,...

Shocking but likely future: Mode of payment will be irrelevant: Marc Niederkorn

Payments revenues are growing but yet cash remains to hold a dominant share of global payments says, Marc Niederkorn from Mckinsey & Company. He...

Microfinance: 30% headroom for growth, but low margin for errors: Baskar Babu

Efficient risk management will separate men from the boys in the Microfinance business says, Baskar Babu, MD & CEO at Suryoday Small Finance Bank....

Keki Mistry sees growth and market cap rising together: Keki Mistry

Keki Mistry, Vice Chairman and CEO of HDFC Ltd explain that listing of subsidiary companies increase the market share of group. He adds that...

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